About Us

About Us

“At Strongsville Orthodontics, we are dedicated and passionately driven to provide our patients with innovative, affordable and effective orthodontic solutions that will help make their smile more perfect!”

While creating healthy, beautiful smiles is our number one priority, we also focus on building real, long-term relationships with all our patients. Whether you are a patient or the parent of a young patient, rest assured your satisfaction matters the most to us! That’s why we never hesitate to go the extra mile to ensure you are proud of your smile.

For some people, an orthodontic appointment may seem a tedious and intimidating experience, especially if it is their first time. At Strongsville Orthodontics, however, we strive to make sure you are comfortable. Choose us, and you will look forward to your appointments rather than fear them.

With utmost patience and courtesy, our friendly staff will understand your needs and help you explore your options. Then, they will work diligently and dedicatedly to take the pain and worry out of the process. This is exactly what separates Strongsville Orthodontics from the other clinics in the region.

Comfortable Environment

At Strongsville Orthodontics, your smile matters the most to us, but so do you! Our welcoming and friendly staff will make sure you feel at home during your appointments. We want you to feel cared for and valued throughout the process, which is why we leave no stone unturned to ensure you are comfortable about Dr. Naeemah Lewis and the team.

Safety Comes First

We understand the importance of safety when it comes to orthodontic treatment. Our professional staff and orthodontic specialist go beyond the recommended safety standards for each visit. State-of-the-art technology is used to provide a safe, healthy and sterile environment for you while receiving orthodontic treatment, whether for yourself or your children.